Player: Mason Domecq

2021-Mason Domecq
Hometown: Scottsdale
University: Ottawa University - Arizona
Area of Study: Accounting
Expected Graduation: 2022
Soldier Honored: Orlando Morales

. I was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and moved to a small suburb outside of Jackson with my parents shortly after. Our house resided right next to our local golf course where I learned to play golf during the summers and took snowmobiles out during winter as the snow piled up on the grass. I moved to Arizona when I was 7 years old and have been been drawn to competitive golf ever since. I am currently completing my undergrad at Ottawa University - Arizona where I will graduate with a BA in accounting in May of 2022. I also work part-time at PXG in their accounting department. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, cooking, working out, playing guitar, and hanging out with close friends.

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