The West Valley Mavericks

The West Valley Mavericks Foundation

For the past several years the Patriot All-America and the West Valley Mavericks have partnered to host the annual Patriot All-America Invitational.

The Mavericks are an all-volunteer, nonprofit organizational group of business and community leaders committed to shaping and supporting their West Valley communities through charitable events. They donate their time, talents, resources, and funds for the betterment of the West Valley, believing it is an incredible place to live, work, and have fun. Their focus is on building and supporting this vision for future generations, and they take pride in their legacy of exciting charitable events that support the overall goal of fundraising and charitable giving. (Learn more about the Mavericks)

The Patriot All-America fits right into their focus and mission. They have been instrumental in organizing all of the extras that have become a huge part of this championship. It requires a dedicated team to bring this all together.  It’s not just inviting players and having them show up…it’s about providing all the extras that make this championship so great. They organize and  manage the Opening Ceremonies, the Air Force Base Experience, the hotel and golf course contracts and the hospitality areas. They also solicit and train volunteers as well and market the championship to the community.

This all takes a considerable commitment, both in time and money. If you are interested in supporting this great championship with a monetary or trade donation, please complete the information below:

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