The main thing about this event is you’re not playing for yourself this week, you’ve got a veteran that you’re playing for and it just means a little more. Everything’s in a little bit of a better perspective than it usually is when you’re playing other amateur events.

Spencer Cross

It’s the perfect course for us playing this time of the year, especially me [being] from Wisconsin. The people & the atmosphere is the coolest part though. We talk about it – me, [William] Moll & Reid [Davenport] – we played last year and were talking about it all last year, telling our coaches all the cool stuff we go to do.

Harrison Ott

I think it’s such a sepcial event, a special place and a special atmosphere. It’s really cool that we can honor the people that make this possible, that make it possible for us to play and to be out here. Seeing the jets flyover and being out there with everyone, it’s really hard to have a bad day here. I mean when you sit down and look at it and know that you are representing somebody who gave their life so I can do what I do.

Graysen Huff

Being from England it’s a little different but I can respect it so much. We don’t have anything such as Folds of Honor and it is really cool to be aprt of this event and to raise money for the organzition at the end of the day. It’s a really cool experience and something totally different than what I’ve ever done before so it’s nice.

Dan Bradbury

The atmoshpere is great and you get to play for something that’s bigger than golf. No matter what you shoot out there, the family you’re representing could probably care less as long as you respect them and resepct everything that is this event. It feels cool to be able to represent someone. 

Joey Vrzich

Not a lot of people get to hit white golf balls for a living and that’s pretty much all I do so the message behind this tournament is really cool.

Johnny Keefer