Volunteer for the Patriot All-America and The Thunderbolt


Volunteers are the backbone of our Patriot All-America event to be held during the week of December 26-31 at The Wigwam in Litchfield Park, Arizona  and at the Sterling Grove Golf and Country Club in Surprise. The event will highlight top collegians from throughout the country as well as International participants from the likes of Great Britain and Ireland while honoring our military heroes.

It takes an army to make this the best experience ever for these competitors. Donate your time and be part of history!


Player Shuttle Drivers
SUV shutttle to the 10th tee of Gold & Blue Courses

Pace of Play Monitors
On-Course Scoring
Standard Bearers


(See Job Descriptions on the sign-up pages)


Pre-Tournament signage
Player Registration
Opening Ceremony Setup and Tear Down
Am/Am Registration
Am/Am On-Course Support
Daily Setup
Volunteer Check-in Host
On-Course Player Refreshments
Spectator Shuttle Driver
Crossing Guard
Merchandise Sales
End of Day Cleanup
On-Call Volunteer

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Shuttle Drivers

Shuttle drivers transport players, caddies and family from the clubhouse to the 10th tee of the Gold Course and the Blue Course in the morning and then return them to the clubhouse following their round. An SUV will be provided. The signup form outlines the times that you are required to check in. Upon arrival, go to the Volunteer Check-in location (Women’s Locker Room) to pick up the keys to the SUV. Return the keys there at the end of your shift. (Wigwam Golf Course Only)

Player Shuttle Coordinator

Coordinate the players in the shuttle staging area during the morning player shuttle from the clubhouse to the 10th tees of the Gold and Blue Courses. Individuals will be assigned to the staging area next to the 1st tee of the Gold Course and make sure the players are on the shuttle in time to make their starting times. The signup form indicates the time to report for the assignment. (Wigwam Golf Course only)

Golf Cart Shuttles

Wigwam Golf Course: Using a people mover golf cart, transport players from the driving range to the pickup staging area next to the 1st tee of the Gold Course. Work with the Shuttle coordinator to make sure players get to the staging area at least 20 minutes prior to their starting time to allow plenty of time for transport to the 10th tee of the Gold and Blue Courses.

Sterling Grove Golf and Country Club: Using golf carts, transport players trom the driving range to the 10th tee, from the 18th green to the 1st tee, and from the 9th green to the scoring area.

Pace of Play/Scoring

Volunteers are needed to record scores from players during their round. Volunteers are stationed on holes 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 18 on the Wigwam Golf Courses and on hole 3, 7, 12 and 16 at Sterling Grove. When the players complete their hole, the scorer will enter the players’ scores onto a worksheet. They will then transfer those scores to the live scoring app to upload them to the Patriot website. (Requires either a I-phone or Android).

These holes will also serve as checkpoints for monitoring pace of play. If a group is out of position based on the parameters that are published, the volunteer will report to the players that they are out of position and will then notify the Rules Committee of the details. Individuals monitoring pace of play are NOT responsible for applying any penalties.

Time requirements vary depending on which hole you are assigned to.

On-Call Volunteers

Volunteers are needed on an on-call basis in the event that someone cancels at the last minute or does not show up for their assignment. They need to be available within a short period of time when requested.

Standard Bearers

Volunteers carry standards (similar to the professional tournaments) with the current standing of the players in the group. Standard Bearers will be assigned to the last five groups on the second and third day of competition. Volunteers must be able to walk with the group, keep track of the scoring, and make any changes to the standard.