Soldier Honored: Brendan J. Duffy

2019-Brendan J. Duffy
Branch of Service: Navy
Rank: Lieutenant

Navy Lieutenant Brendan J. Duffy, of Annapolis, Maryland, was assigned to the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. He was assigned to the VAQ-130Zappers unit, an electric warfare squadron that jams enemy radar to open a path for attack jets. Lt. Duffy sacrificed his life in the line of duty on November 8, 1998 when his EA-6B Prowler jet crashed during a nighttime training exercise off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. Three others were also killed in the incident. He was 27 years old. Lt Duffy, lettering in track and golf, graduated from Annapolis Senior High School in 1989 and decided to accept an Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Maryland's School of Engineering. After two years of excelling in academics and in the NROTC unit, Brendan decided that he "needed more Navy." With his excellent grades and top performance in the Navy’s ROTC program, his application for US Naval Academy was speedily accepted and he was admitted as a Plebe with the Class of 1995. Following graduation, Lt. Duffy went on to flight school in Pensacola, Florida, aspiring to be a Naval Aviator just like his father.

“He was extremely proud of what he was doing and felt like he was making a significant contribution to his country,” his dad said. “He was pursing his life-long dream.”

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