Soldier Honored: Peter Charles Bazzarini

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado
Branch of Service: Marine Corps
Rank: Sergeant

The late summer and early fall of 1993 witnessed several fatal military helicopter accidents in southern California. Sgt. Bazzarini of Fort Collins, CO was one of those fatalities. He, along with three other men, was flying a training mission in Twentynine Palms aboard a UH-1 Huey helicopter. They were flying a simulated “close-in fire support” exercise with three other helicopters and light armored vehicles on September 21, 1993. All four Marines died in the crash that day. Sgt. Bazzarini passed away four hours after the crash.

He was buried in Watertown, CT on September 29, the day that would have been his third wedding anniversary. Sgt. Peter Bazzarini left behind a wife and 7 month old baby.

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