Soldier Honored: James Connolly

2015-James Connolly
Hometown: Edinburgh
Branch of Service: Irish Citizens Army- Easter Rising 1916
Rank: Commandant General- Dublin Roces

James Connolly was born in Edinburgh on the 5th June, 1868.

The son of a manure-carter, Connolly was a socialist and trade unionist who was active in Dublin in the 1890s and 1910s. In between he spent almost a decade in America as organiser, public speaker and fund-raiser. He co-founded the Irish Socialist and Republican Party, and was the driving force behind its newspaper, 'The Workers' Republic'. He also co-founded the Irish Citizen Army to defend workers in their struggle for better conditions during the 'Great Lock Out' of 1913.

In the 1916 Easter Rising, Connolly led the Irish Citizen Army alongside the IRB & Irish Volunteers. He signed the Proclamation of the Republic alongside Pearse and five others and was commandant in the General Post Office at the time. He was seriously injured during the fighting and was arrested on his surrender. He was unable to stand due to his injuries, and was executed strapped to a chair in Kilmainham Gaol on May 12th 1916

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