Am/Am Event

When: December 28th at 11:30 am

Where: Wigwam Golf Resort – Gold Course

 Format: 2 Person Shamble (Patriot All-American and Participant)

The format is a Shamble consisting of two person teams(one Patriot All America participant and one amateur participant). Groups will play as foursomes. All players and teams will tee off on each hole. The respective team then selects the best drive. The team then puts a ball into play at that spot and complete the hole with their own ball. The Patriot All-America golfers will play their own ball throughout the round.

Collegians will play from the black markers; male amateurs will play from designated tee box based off USGA handicap(default is the orange markers for males and yellow markers for female amateurs.) Male amateurs with handicap index of 2.0 or better will play black tees, 2.1-10.0 will play blue tees, 10.1- 23.0 will play orange tees, 23.1 and above may play yellow tees if they desire.

Scoring and Awards

One gross best ball score between the collegian and amateur will determine the team score.

The awards ceremony will be held immediately following the Am/Am tournament in Reds Grill.

Additional details will be posted as they become available.

Entry Fee

Entry fee is $500.00 per person.

Entry deadline is December 20.

Am/Am Registration

Contact Steve Hitchcock at for questions.