Fallen Soldier: Richard K. Bellar

Richard K. Bellar
Dates: Died June 7, 2011
Hometown: Dickson, TN
Branch of Service: Police Department
Rank: Deputy Sheriff
Player: Marta Lopez Echevarria

Deputy Sheriff Richard Bellar (27), of Dickson, Tenn. died June 7, 2011, at a Nashville hospital a day after he was shot in the head by a man who then fatally shot himself.

Authorities said Bellar witnessed a two-vehicle crash in the city of Dickson. Unknown to Bellar, the accident was an aggravated domestic violence assault in progress - a husband had rammed his wife's car off the roadway. The husband exited his vehicle and immediately began firing shots into the windshield of Bellar's patrol car. Bellar was able to return fire but was fatally injured in the process.

Bellar was a six-year veteran of the sheriff's department and had previously served with the Tennessee Department of Correction. He had recently been promoted to Field Training Officer.

"It's a sad scenario when a police officer, who believed he was responding to a traffic accident, got killed in the line of duty, doing his job, doing something that he loved," said Michael Kruggel of the Fraternal Order of Police.

He is survived by his wife, Brandi Bellar, and their son Jacob.