Fallen Soldier: Lloyd Maltbie

Lloyd Maltbie
Dates: Died August 5, 1944
Hometown: Alfalfa County Oklahoma
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: Sergeant
Player: Jaxon Dowell

Army Sergeant Lloyd Maltbie died on August 5, 1944 when his B-17 bomber was attacked returning from a mission near Magdeburg, Germany.

The attack occurred when another group of bombers forced them out of formation, opening them to enemy fire which struck the plane near the upper turret and behind the pilot. Five crew members parachuted from the crippled aircraft. Two others were blown free, but Sgt. Maltbie and the pilot, Lt. Scott perished in the crash.

Sgt. Maltbie had enlisted in the Army Air Corps on November 30, 1942. He was assigned to training at Sheppard Field, Texas and Kingman, Arizona. His final training in Avon Park, Florida qualified him as a B-17 Engineer and Top Turret Gunner with the 349th Bomb Squadron, 8th Air Corps 100th Bomb Group.

After his death, a crew member wrote Sgt. Maltbie’s parents a letter stating, “He was one of the finest soldiers and the finest crew members any one could hope to obtain. You indeed can feel very proud of him, as it was he and many others like him that made it possible for you and I and all the rest of America to walk and act like the free people that we are.”