Player: Xavier Bighaus

Xavier Bighaus
Hometown: McKinney
University: Colorado Christian university
Graduation Year: 2025
Area of Study: Business entrepreneurship

2022-2023 | Bighaus competed in each tournament this fall season and placed in the top 15 for each tournament. He began the year taking 1st place in the Writz at Mile High Tournament carding 75, 68, and 69 consecutively. He also tied for 3rd in the Centennial Cup scoring an incredible low round score of 63.
2022- 2023 | Bighaus competed in every tournament during the 2022-2023 season. Bighaus started at the Ryan Palmer Foundation Invitational where he placed 4th overall. During round one, he posted 71 strokes. However, during round two, he was able to net three birdies which resulted in a 69-stroke round. Finally, in round three, Bighaus got eight birdies posting a score of 66 strokes resulting in his top 5 finish. He closed the year strong at the RMAC Championships, firing his way to a dominant victory to claim the individual title with an incredible round 2 score of 65.
2021-2022 | Bighaus played in 11 events with a total of 32 round during the 2021-2022 season. He had a total of 2,363 strokes and averaged 74 strokes per round. Within his season, Bighaus was in the top five during the RMAC Championship and top ten during the Writz at Mile High Tournament. His best game was during the RMAC Championship where he started strong with a 69-stroke round on the par 72 course which included three birdies and an eagle. During round two, Bighaus posted an even par score of 72. Lastly, during round three, Bighaus was able to close with a 70-stroke round receiving 5th place.